PowerSchools Pro and SchoolNet

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PowerSchools Pro and SchoolNet

Good morning. I teach in Madison County School system in North Carolina. We have test questions avaliable in Schoolnet to review from exams. 


I want to take the scores from Schoolnet online tests and upload them into PowerSchools Pro's gradebook.


This seems like it can be done but nobody in my LEA seems to posses the knowledge.


Help is appreciated.



Brad Sprinkle
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Re: PowerSchools Pro and SchoolNet

Hi Brad


It sounds like you are asking about PowerTeacher Pro. We see that you reached out to our support team on this request and they have asked you to reach out to your technical contacts at your school district.


If you would like to have other community members weigh in as well, we’d be happy to move this request to our community forum to help you connect with others who may be using this product.


Have a great day!



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