Mapping Standards


Mapping Standards

Okay, so I'm trying to map our SIS standards to assessment standards.  Screenshot is below.  Now, I can't imagine that I can only filter by year and standard....Is there some boolean logic I'm missing so I can filter by subject area?  That would make this go MUCH quicker.  I have over 400 standards.  I'll have to go one by one if I can't filter by subject area.


I want to be able to say Grade 6 Math in our SIS goes to Grade 6 Math in Assessments.  What am I missing?

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Re: Mapping Standards

Good Afternoon @ldougher!


Thank you for taking time to post in the Community! The following steps from this article ( can be used to map standards in Unified Classroom: 


Mapping SIS Standards

As a District or Assessment Admin, you have the ability to view imported SIS standards and map them to national and state standards.

  1. Click your Username in the bottom left corner, then select Settings from the menu.

  2. Click the Standards button below Assessment.

  3. Click the Mapping tab. A list of the standards imported from your SIS appears and may be filtered by StandardYear, and Status

  4. Click Filter to reduce the number of items on the page. You can filter based on different categories, or specify multiple values to further refine the results. Just click the plus sign next to the Search field. Remove filters by clicking the x on the blue box.

  5. Select a SIS standard to be mapped, then click Map Standards.

    *Note: Multiple SIS standards may be selected and mapped at once if they are being mapped to the same national or state standard. Click and hold Control while selecting standards.

  6. The mapping window lists the SIS standard at the top and provides a list of national and state standards from which you can choose.

  7. Select a standard to which the SIS standard will be mapped, then click Map.

    *Note: If you attempt to map a standard that has already been mapped, the following warning appears alerting you the standard has been mapped and any edits will overwrite the previous mapping.

Unmapping SIS Standards

To unmap a SIS Standard, locate and select a standard, then click Unmap Standards.

*Note: Multiple SIS Standards may be selected and unmapped at once. Click and hold Control while selecting standards.


Overall the standards should be coming over from the SIS and imported into Assessments. If you continue to have difficulty with this, I encourage you to reach out to our Unified Classroom Support team and they should be able to assist you further as needed.


Best, JoshK PowerSchool Community Admin

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Re: Mapping Standards

This is the KB article I already read.  I would not have posted here without reading it first.  The fact that you just copied and pasted it rather than answering my simple question: Is there some boolean logic I'm missing so I can filter by subject area?  The answer must be no and you are telling me we can only filter by year (which is useless, why would I filter previous standards that are no longer being used?) or by standard (which means I have to literally type in every single standard of 4,000+ since some standards don't use words like "math" or "Hi I'm a 1st grade ELA standard" in their standard name).