Class Average?


Class Average?

How can I find the current average across all standards for a class? 

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Re: Class Average?

Good afternoon @Matt!


Thank you for your question! It should be possible to view an average for a class' standards on an exam within the "Assessment Reporting" module within PowerSchool Assessment & Analytics. To do so, you will want to Navigate to the "Reporting" dropdown and select "Assessment Results". After that, you will want to select the subject and grade level, along with the desired exam from the 'Exam' dropdown for which you would like to view reporting. Once selected, this should populate the available course sections for your schedule under the left-hand panel. To view an average across the class, ensure the course section (rather than a student) is selected in the left-hand panel, and then select the tab titled 'SOL & Item Analysis'. This report may be expanded from the standard level to the question details level and should provide a class average for the student performance on each standard, as well as their performance on each individual item, depending on how far you would like to drill down in the report. 


The second page of this printable in the Assessment & Analytics Knowledge Base may be a helpful reference for pulling these types of reports as well:


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this post at any time and we will be happy to assist as needed!




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