How do students view their grades in Haiku Learning for iPad?

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How do I view my Grades in Haiku Learning for iPad as a Student?




You can view all published Grades for active Classes in which you are enrolled through the Grades feature on the Haiku Learning for iPad application.

To view your Grades, tap the Grades icon (an A+ in a rectangle) in the left-hand menu. You will see, in the column on the left, a list of all Gradebooks you are in. Gradebooks are listed as Class Name: Gradebook Name. If you tap a Class's name, the right column will populate with a box containing a Category summary of your Grades, with a list of your Latest Grades below. 

To view your Grades for a specific Class, tap that Class's name. The Gradebook menu will expand to show all Published Gradebook entries for that Class. 




If a Class has more than one Term and/or Grading Period, you can use the dropdown menu at the top of the right-hand column to select a Term or Grading Period.



If the Gradebook has Categories, you can filter your Latest Grades by Category, as well. 



Are you a Teacher looking to view Grades for your students on the iPad?  Check out the Teacher view for Grades in Haiku Learning for iPad.