How do I use my Inbox in Haiku Learning for iPad?



How do I access and use my Haiku Inbox from within the Haiku Learning for iPad app? What can I do from within the app?




The Inbox in the Haiku Learning for iPad mobile app will display messages from all your classes and from all users in one unified, threaded inbox. Open the Inbox on the left hand menu to start viewing your messages.


Once in the Inbox, choose message threads on the left to read original messages and any replies underneath them. The colored dots represent which class the message relates to (1). In each message thread, you can also see the name and avatar of the user who sent the message (2).


Unread messages are marked by blue dots in the Inbox, adjacent to the sender's name (3). Upon opening a message, the blue dot will disappear. To mark a read message as unread, simply tap to populate the blue dot once again.


By tapping the "mailboxes" icon (4), you're shown the following three places your Inbox messages can live:


Inbox - Includes all incoming messages, both read and unread, as well as your replies.

Sent - includes all outgoing messages and their replies.

Trash - includes all messages that have been deleted. Selecting the "Inbox" icon places a message back in your Inbox (5).



Note: Inbox messages cannot be entirely deleted from your account via the iPad. To completely delete messages, access your Inbox via the web application.



See our article on How do I compose a new Inbox message or Reply in Haiku Learning for iPad, for more details about sending messages within the app.