How do I open a file from PowerSchool Learning for iPad in another iPad app?



If I've opened a file from one of my classes in PowerSchool Learning for iPad, how do I get it into another app to edit, view, or save it?




The Open In menu allows users to open files from the PowerSchool Learning Browser on the iPad in other iPad apps.

Once you've opened an attached file from a handed-in Assignment, Inbox message, or Assignment description in PowerSchool Learning for iPad, you'll see the icon in the bottom right corner of the PowerSchool Learning Browser for the Open In menu.



To open a file from PowerSchool in another iPad app, just tap the Open In icon, then select the other app you'd like to view or edit the file in.




Once you're done editing or annotating files in another app, you can then bring them back into the Haiku Learning for iPad app to submit to a Dropbox or hand back to a student. See these articles for more details:

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