How do I hand in my homework from Pages to the Haiku Learning for iPad app?



I want to hand in my homework from my Pages iPad App to Haiku Learning for iPad.  How do I do this?




With Haiku Learning for iPad, you can send your homework to Haiku directly from Pages, then finish submitting it within the Haiku app.


Open Your Homework in the Pages App

1. Open your homework in the Pages App and click on the share button.


2. Select Open in Another App.



3. You will now choose the PDF as your format. 


4. Select Choose App, then Open in Haiku Learning.



5. You will now be taken to Haiku Learning for iPad.  Choose the Assignment for which you'd like to hand in your work, then click Done.


 6. From the Assignment Details screen, upload any additional files or photos you'd like to add to your submission, or add a note using the Tap here to add a note option. When you're ready, hit Hand In.  


And that's it!  Your Teacher can now see, review, grade, and hand-back your work. 

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