How do I compose a new Inbox message or reply in Haiku Learning for iPad?

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When using my Inbox in the Haiku Learning for iPad app, how do I write a new message, or reply to a message I received?




To Compose a new message, open the Inbox in Haiku Learning for iPad and tap the small Compose icon above your list of messages.


You’ll be prompted to enter the Title (1) of your message, which Class (2) you’re composing the message for, then the User (3) to whom you’d like to send the message. When complete, you can change the user or class, or send the message to more users, by tapping on those fields again.

Once you’ve composed your message, you can also attach files by tapping any of the desired Attachment icons (4), or tap Send (5) to send the message.



To Reply to an existing message, open any message in the Inbox and tap the Reply icon.



If there are multiple recipients on the message, you'll be prompted to choose whether you’d like to reply to just the original sender, or Reply to Everyone. Once you have a recipient chosen, type your reply. If you’d like to attach a document, you can tap one of the Attachment icons, otherwise tap Send to send your message.




See our article on How do I use my Inbox in Haiku Learning for iPad for more details about the new Inbox feature.