How can I open, annotate with a third party tool, and return handed in submissions to students through PowerSchool Learning for iPad?



My students have handed in files in PowerSchool Learning. How do I open these files on my iPad, annotate them in another app, and hand them back to students?




You can open files from the Assignment area of the Activities tab in an external app, annotate them, and return them to students, all through PowerSchool Learning for iPad app.

If you would like to annotate in the native Annotator within PowerSchool Learning, please see our article on annotating on the iPad with the built-in Assignment Annotator.

First, in PowerSchool Learning for iPad, open a handed in submission from a student.



Use the Open In menu to open the submission in an external app, where you will edit/annotate it. In this case, we'll open our file in the app GoodNotes.



Once you've edited or annotated your file in the external app, you'll need to export your annotations from this app. In GoodNotes, we'll choose Export/Print, then External Apps, then export in PDF format. In other apps you might choose Open In, or Export, to send your file to another app.






Next, choose PowerSchool Learning as the app you're exporting to.




Now you'll be taken back to PowerSchool Learning for iPad, where you'll choose Hand In.




Select the Assignment you're returning the file to, then tap Done.




Then, choose the student who you are returning the file to.




You'll see that your file has been added as an attachment in the area on the right. You can add a Note or other files, then choose Hand Back to return the annotated file to the student.




For more details on using the Assignment Annotator and external apps with PowerSchool Learning for iPad, see:

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