What Can I do with the Haiku Learning for Windows 8?

Q: As a student, what can I do with the Haiku Learning for Windows 8?


A: Haiku Learning for Windows 8 provides a streamlined, “read” focused view of Haiku, serving as a student planner and a great way to easily see an overview of all their Haiku work. Using the app, students can view their Haiku class  activities and announcements, hand in files, photos, video and audio, keep track of their work with To-Do items, and quickly pull up activities in their device's browser.


Feature Comparison


 Haiku Windows 8 App 

 Haiku LMS in Browser

Add and manage To Do list items



Directly hand in video, audio, and photos created
on your device to Assignments



Hand in documents and other files to Assignments



View calendar and list view of upcoming Activities



View info and dates for all Assignments, Discussions,
Assessments, and Announcements



Submit to Discussions, Assessments, and WikiProjects



Answer Polls



View and send Inbox messages



View course grades and reports




What can Haiku Learning for Windows 8 do?


1. Class Overview

From the app's homescreen, you can see a quick overview of Announcements, Activities, To Do list items, and Activities from all your classes that are due soon. These are coded with colors and icons, depending on the class and type of Activity, so you can quickly glimpse what's going on in Haiku. You can tap on the title of any section to see more info.



2. Activities View

The Activities view lets you filter and sort through upcoming Assignments, Discussions, Polls, Assessments, and To Do list items.  You can also browse them by due date on the calendar.



To see the activity in your web browser, simply pull up the App menu and choose View in Browser.  


You can also create a To Do item linked to this activity by pulling up the App menu and choosing Add a To Do Item. 



3. To Do Lists

The To Do list feature of the Windows 8 App lets you create To Do items and lists to help you organize your work in Haiku.

  • Go to the To Do section of the app
  • Pull up the App Menu
  • Create new To Do lists or To Do items.



4. Assignment Dropbox

From within an Activity you can hand in files, photos, video, or audio to an Assignment Dropbox.




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