How do I hand in my homework using Haiku Learning for Windows 8?

Q. How do I hand in my homework from the Windows 8 Application? 


A. Through Haiku's native Windows 8 Application, you can hand in files, videos, photos, audio clips, and text notes directly to any Assignment Dropbox, from within an Assignment activity.


1. First, open any Assignment activity from the App home screen, or from within the Activities or Due Soon areas of the App. 


(Hint!  Assignments are marked with a dog-eared piece of paper icon.  Swipe up from the bottom of your screen or right-click to see the full Legend of symbols marking specific item-types within the application.)  



2. Select Hand In to start submitting.



3. When submitting, you’re given the option to:


  • Choose a File
  • Take a Photo
  • Record a Video
  • Record an Audio File and/or
  • Add a Note

You can add any combination of up to five total files, photos, videos, or audio recordings each time you Submit your Assignment.



4. Choose a File lets you browse your Windows 8 device for any documents or files you want to upload to Haiku. You can check multiple files and then select Open to add them all (as long as your total Attachments are still fewer than 5).



5. Take a Photo takes you to your device’s camera and lets you snap a picture, then Crop or Retake it. Select OK when you’re happy with your photo to add it to your Haiku submission. You can select Take a Photo multiple times to add more photos.



6. Record a Video allows you to record up to 2 minutes of video from your device’s camera.  After recording, select Retake to try recording a different video, or select OK when you’re happy with your video to add it to your Haiku submission. You can select Record a Video again to add multiple videos.



7. Record an Audio File lets you record audio clips from your device’s microphone. Select Record and Stop to control recording, or choose Discard to delete a recording you just made.



8. Select Add a Note to type a text response and submit it on its own or along with other Attachments. Notes are not affected by the 5 Attachment limit.



9. Next to each file or media type, you'll see how many Attachments you've added. Select the blue text of your Attachments for a menu where you can view or delete the files you’ve added. 



10. Select Submit when you’re ready to hand in your Attachments and/or Notes to the Dropbox.


You can see Attachments and Notes you’ve already submitted to an Assignment under Assignment Activity. Tap the top of a submission here to view or re-download your Attachments.



Learn more about the Haiku Learning Windows 8 Application by checking out our article, What Can I do with the Windows 8 App. You can also browse our Windows 8 help documents in the Windows 8 Knowledge Base.

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