Q: How do I use the To Do feature in the PowerSchool Learning for Windows 8, and what can I do with it?


A: To Do items are a great way to create and complete reminders in the PowerSchool Windows 8 App and link them with your PowerSchool Learning activities and assignments.


Manage your To Do Lists and Items


You can manage all your To Do items by selecting the To Do section of the App homescreen, or by pulling in the app menu and choosing the To Do shortcut.



In your To Do view, you can see all of the To Do Lists you've created and the To Do items under them. Select the check mark next to an item to complete it.



To view completed To Do items, you can switch to Done view.




Use the App Menu to Add and Delete To Dos


You can add a new To Do item by pulling up the App menu from the bottom of your screen and choosing the Add a To Do Item icon.


Select Delete To Do List to delete list and To Do items  connected with it.



Enter Details


When creating a To Do item, you can enter a Title, choose an existing List or create a new one, pick a Due date for your item, and write a Note about the To Do. When you've entered all your details for the To Do, choose Add, and the To Do will be added to your list.



Select a To Do to see a detailed view. While viewing a To Do, you can pull up the App menu and choose Mark Completed or Delete To Do Item(s).



Link To Dos with Activities

You can also create a To Do item that's linked to any Activity (Assignment, Discussion, or Assessment) in the PowerSchool Learning Windows 8 App. While viewing an Activity, pull up the app menu and choose Add a To Do Item


When viewing Activities, any To Do items you've created will be listed to the right. You can select the To Do to view it, or the check mark to complete it.



View from the Activities Screen

To Do items will also appear listed with your other assignments in the Activities screen. If the To Do has been linked with a class Activity, the class name will appear here as well.



Be sure to learn all about what you can do with the Windows 8 app or find answers to your questions in our Windows 8 help documents.