What is a WikiProject?

Q. What is a WikiProject?


A. A WikiProject is a place where students can create and publish collections of information and resources to be used collaboratively or in groups. Students may be creating a presentation on a specific topic or posting collections of information over a period of the time. The beauty of WikiProjects, aside from its ease of use, is that each WikiProject can be set up differently and specific levels of access can be given to students and teachers.


A few of your setup options are:


  • Personal Project: Each student has their own WikiProject.
  • Group Project: Customizable groups of students may collaborate together on a WikiProject.
  • Class Project: The entire class collaborate in the same WikiProject.


In this Personal Project, the each Student has their own Wiki as an individual space to edit, create and share information. This Teacher has asked them to share a little bit about their accomplishments, their family history and their life.

2016-10-04 15_39_41-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10 _ Wiki _ My History _ Andy Martinez _ Where I .png


After you've determined what type of WikiProject you'd like your class to work on, you have a few more options about who can see what:


  • Teacher Review: Students can only view their own WikiSite. Comments are enabled.
  • Peer Review: Students can view and comment on other student WikiSites.
  • Peer View: Students can view other student WikiSites. Comments are disabled.


WikiProjects gives students nearly all the tools educators have for creating and posting content. Students are essentially creating their own websites. Teachers and administrates feel good about the safe and contextualized space where students are creating and posting this content. WikiProjects provide a well organized portfolio-like space where teachers and students can view individual or collaborative progress over a semester or school year.


WikiProject tips for collaboration

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