What happens when I click "Sync Accounts" under G Suite Features in PowerSchool Learning?



What happens if I click Sync Accounts while looking at G Suite Features, under Applications -> Partner Tools -> Settings (next to G Suite)? *Please note the Sync Accounts button only exists if your PowerSchool Learning domain was created by clicking the trial option in the G Suite Marketplace.





All of your accounts in your Google domain will be brought over as Stub Accounts.

A Stub Account is simply an account with no Role (Teacher, Student, or Parent).  A user cannot log in without a Role, and therefore a Stub Account cannot be used until you or another Administrator edits these Stub Accounts to give them Roles.

You can quickly identify Stub Accounts on your domain from the Accounts tab, as there is no valueunder the Role column.

You can give stub account users Roles in one of two ways:

  1. Manually assign Roles, one at a time - From the Accounts tab of Domain Control, choose Manage Account > Edit for a Stub Account, select a Role for that user, and click Save.
  2. Automatically assign roles via import - While Stub Accounts will not have import_ids associated with them, PowerSchool Learning can use the google_id field of an import as a unique id to update the Stub Accounts. Simple add the appropriate Role to each account in your next import to assign Roles automatically.

    Please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning if you have any questions at all about this process.

Note: While the stub accounts will appear in your PowerSchool Learning Domain, they are not counted towards your licenses until a Role is assigned to them.