How do I add an LTI Tool to my Apps Menu?


 How do I add an LTI Tool to the Apps Menu, so that it appears in the top navigational menu bar?




Just check the "Add to Apps Menu" option when editing any LTI Tool in your domain to display the application icon and a link to launch it, right in the Apps top links menu.

Add an LTI Tool Link to the Apps Menu

  1. Navigate to the Applications tab of the Domain Control, then the LTI Tools menu. 

  2. Select Edit from the Manage Tool menu for any application you have set up. 

  3. Check the box marked "Add to Apps Menu" and hit Save to keep your changes. 


If you'd like the icon for the tool to appear in the Apps Menu, too, be sure to upload an image for your LTI Tool through the Change Icon area! 

Accessing the LTI Tool through the Apps Menu

Once connected, you (and Teachers and Students in your domain!) will see the Apps menu in the upper right-hand corner of their account, next to the Help menu.


Selecting any LTI Tool link will direct the user to the Host URL associated with that LTI Tool, sending the appropriate credentials to authenticate to the tool via LTI.