How do I add G Suite integration to my existing PowerSchool Learning School Domain? Are there other considerations?



How do I add G Suite integration to my existing PowerSchool Learning School Domain?  Are there other considerations?



G Suite integration provides single-sign-on to PowerSchool Learning using your G Suite account.  Your users will also be able to navigate to PowerSchool Learning directly from their G Suite navigation bar.  

Before we show you how to add G Suite integration for your existing PowerSchool Learning domain there are a couple of important items that you should take into consideration that may affect your timing of rolling out this feature.

Important Considerations

Because of the following considerations, you may want to coordinate the upgrade to happen at a natural break in your school year or user schedule.

  • After PowerSchool Learning is installed on G Suite, to get Single Sign On working you will still need to associate PowerSchool Learning users with their Google account (by importing their Google email address, see the import specification for more details).
  • If you have subdomains in Google, the Google SuperAdmin account must be associated with your primary Google Apps For Education domain.
  • Be sure to let PowerSchool Learning know if you do have subdomains as they will need to associate the subdomains after the initial integration is in place.
  • After integration is complete, integrated users will be signing on with their Google accounts, not their previous PowerSchool Learning accounts.
  • Turning on the integration will replace your current login page with a login page that supports Google functionality.  If you have a custom branded login page then you will want to coordinate with PowerSchool Learning staff so that we can build you a new branded login page that includes the Google login. We can usually create you a new login page within five business days.

If you have questions, please contact your School Advisor.

Adding G Suite to your existing PowerSchool Learning Domain

To add G Suite Integration to an existing PowerSchool Learning Domain you must first enter your G Suite Apps domain name in PowerSchool Learning.  To do this:

  1. Log into your PowerSchool Learning Domain using an Admin account.   
  2. Go to the Partner Tools area of the Applications Tab in the Domain Control and click the Settings button next to G Suite Integration


3. Enter your G Suite Domain* name and Save

*Note: Do NOT include the Only enter in your unique G Suite domain name.

4. Click the G Suite Marketplace link to be taken to the PowerSchool app in Google, and sign in with your G Suite Super Admin Account. Important: This needs to be a Super Admin Account in the top/parent/root Google Domain, not in a subdomain.
5. Once on the PowerSchool Learning Marketplace page, click Install.
6. Review the grant access request. If you agree, click Allow. (If you do not agree, you will not be able to use the PowerSchool Learning + G Suite™ integration in your domain.)
7. A small window will appear saying PowerSchool Learning has been installed! In the first pane, you'll be asked to choose whether users will be notified about the installation of a new app. Make your selection, then click Next.
8.  In the next pane, you'll see where to find the PowerSchool Learning app from your G Suite Launcher. Click Next to continue installation.
9.  In the last pane, you'll see a link where you will complete the setup. Click the Complete additional setup now link.
10. You will be taken to your PowerSchool Learning domain, where you'll be able to click Continue to complete the installation.
You will be auto-logged in with a PowerSchool Learning Account that is linked to your G Suite Admin account.  If you already have an account in your PowerSchool Learning domain that is not associated with G Suite, you may want to merge these accounts.
Note: You will need to keep the connection between your G Suite admin account and the PowerSchool Learning account for the integration to work correctly.

Almost done!

Now that G Suite™ integration is enabled, your login page will change to reflect the new Google Sign In feature.  For your users to take advantage of this integration you'll need to make sure that their Google Email Address are connected to their user accounts in PowerSchool Learning.  
If you regularly import accounts, you can do this by adding the G Suite email address to the correct column in the users.csv file and running an import.  You can review the specification for this import under your Manage Domain > Imports > Specification link.  
If your users are manually created, you can add their G Suite Email Address by editing the user's authentication method from the Domain Control.

Adding Google subdomains?

If you have subdomains to your primary Google domain that you would like to add to the integration, please contact us at and we'll be happy to add them for you.


Please note, that the number of Google subdomains you can add is limited to 4.

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