How can Teachers enter a separate URL for each LTI Activity?


How can Teachers enter a separate url for each LTI Activity?



When enabling any LTI Tool as a Domain Administrator, just check the Allow Activity URLs checkbox to enable Teachers to input a custom URL for any LTI activity at the class level.  

LTI Tool Configuration Options

  1. As a Domain Administrator, navigate to the LTI Tools area of the Domain Control by going to Applications > LTI Tools.
  2. Create a new LTI Tool using the + Add LTI Tool button, or edit any existing tool through the Manage Tool > Edit option.

  3. Under Configuration Options check the box labeled Allow Activity URLs and Save your changes. 


Creating an LTI Activity with a Custom URL

  1. Navigate to the LTI & SCORM area of the Activities menu in your class to create or edit any LTI Activity.  
  2. Select + Add Activity or Manage Activity > Edit Settings to get started.

  3. Select the name of your LTI Tool.
  4. Enter your URL in the URL field under LTI Configuration Options, then hit Save or Save & Configure.  

  5. For new activities, your custom link should appear in the next step.  If everything looks good, hit Publish to keep your changes.  
  6. Finish entering your LTI Activity settings, and hit Finish to keep your changes.