How can I track statistics for my Haiku domain with Google Analytics?


How can I track usage of my Haiku domain using Google Analytics, and what kind of information can Haiku send to my Google Analytics account?





If you'd like to use a Google Analytics account to track how your users are accessing and using your Haiku domain, Haiku can push a variety of useful events, along with page view statistics, to Google Analytics.

Please note: At this time, this option is only available to School & District Edition domains of Haiku.  


Linking your Haiku domain to your Google Analytics Account

  1. Set up your Google Analytics Account and Get the Tracking ID. To start pulling Google Analytics data from your Haiku domain, you''ll need to send us your Analytics Tracking ID code. Once you've created a new Google Analytics account for your Haiku domain, you'll be given a Tracking ID UA code.  Your UA code can be found later in your Admin settings, under the Tracking Info tab for your domain's account.


  2. Contact Haiku Support Team.  Once you have your Tracking ID, contact our support team with your Tracking ID, and notify us that you'd like to connect your Haiku domain to Google Analytics.


What kinds of data can Haiku supply to Google Analytics?

Using Google Analytics, you can track what pages your users are viewing and when. You can also push events to Google Analytics for each view/download, create, update, and delete event initiated by a user on your Haiku domain. You can refer to the chart below for what events are tracked and submitted to Google Analytics.

  View / Download Create Update Delete
Pages    x    x    x    x
Blocks    x    x    x    x
Assignments    x    x    x    x
Assignment submission    x    x N/A N/A
Assessments    x    x    x    x
Assessment Attempts    x    x N/A    x
Discussions    x    x    x    x
Discussion Posts    x    x    x    x
Wiki Projects    x    x    x    x
Wiki    x    x    x    x
Announcements    x    x    x    x
Gradebook    x    x    x    x
Attendance Book    x    x    x    x
Annotator    x N/A N/A N/A
Progress report    x    x N/A N/A
Sharing    x
   x    x    x
Resource Library    x    x    x    x
Statistics    x N/A N/A N/A
Admin functions    x    x    x    x
Portfolio    x    x N/A N/A

If you are a Haiku administrator and you would like to connect your Haiku domain to Google Analytics, let us know

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