How are Google Doc Assignments managed in Google Drive?


Items from Google Drive created through handouts or handed in via assignments are automatically organized in the teacher's Google Drive.

Note: This article only applies to School/District domains that are integrated with a G-Suite domain.

Teachers that use handouts and files in their classes will find that these items are organized into folders in Google Drive.

Items are organized for teachers to let them stay focused on their students, rather than where things should go. When a teacher needs to review handouts or papers from a past term, they can navigate directly within Google Drive. This lets teachers quickly focus on appropriate updates for the next term.


PowerSchool in Google Drive

Teachers that are just getting started with their PowerSchool Learning classes will find a new folder named PowerSchool Learning Student Files in their My Drive folder. This folder is automatically created and will have a couple of sub-folders named: Active Classes Inactive Classes



Each class that a teacher makes in PowerSchool Learning will have a folder created in one of these two folders.


Auto-organization in Google Drive

PowerSchool Learning will manage how items are organized in Google Drive. All of the items within the PowerSchool Learning Student Files folder will follow the following formats (depending on the class status):

  • Active Classes > Class Name > Assignment Name > Handout Name (student name)*
  • Inactive Classes > Class Name > Assignment Name > Handout Name (student name)*





* Student names are automatically appended to handouts that teachers have included. Files that have been created by students separate from handouts can be identified by the File Owner.

These folders will be live-updating, so teachers won't need to make changes at the beginning or end of the semester. We'll take care of that for you!

Here are some situations where Learning manages these items:

  • Class status changes from Inactive to Active - the class folder will be moved into the appropriate folder
  • Class name is changed in Learning - the class folder name will update in Google Drive
  • Assignment folders is created
    • Handout provided by teacher - this will happen when the first student views the description of the Assignment
    • No Handout provided - this will happen when the first student submits a file to the Assignment
  • Assignment name is changed in Learning - the Activity folder name will update in Google Drive


Save time

As a teacher, you can jump to a Google Drive folder when viewing Assignment description and selecting the View student files in Drive button!



When you're ready to make copies of your class for the upcoming term, just follow our best practices here! You won't have to worry about duplicate items cluttering your My Drive folder, as they'll be separated and sorted automatically by Learning.

Each class folder will contain just what you need and no student work from past terms!