Can I sign in to Apex Learning from PowerSchool Learning?



Can I sign in to Apex Learning from PowerSchool Learning?



If your school uses Apex Learning, Domain Administrators can configure PowerSchool Learning to provide Single-Sign On (SSO) links to Apex Learning. These links are available in several places in PowerSchool Learning. When a user who has access to Apex Learning clicks an SSO link, Powerschool Learning opens a new browser window and automatically signs the user into Apex Learning, so that they have full access to all of their Apex content.

1. If you have access to Apex Learning from PowerSchool Learning, you'll see Apex Learning under the APPS menu in your navigation bar, at the very top-right area of your account, next to the Helpmenu.



2. Any user with access to Apex can also use the Link tool in any rich text editor to add an SSO link to Apex Learning.



Users who do not not have access to Apex Learning will still see these links, but when selected, they will be given a quick message letting them know they do not have access at this time.