How do I control which Themes are available to my teachers?


Q.  I am a Domain Administrator and I would like to be able to control what themes can be used in specific grades or at specific schools, is there a way that I can do that?


A.  Domain Administrators can control which Themes are available to your Organizations by following a few simple steps:


To control access by Organization or school:


  1. Sign in with an Admin account
  2. In the Domain Control click on the Themes tab, under the More menu

2016-09-29 15_17_23-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


3. Click on the menu for any theme you wish to modify and select Edit Info




4. Uncheck the check box that says Available to all organizations

5. Check the boxes for the organizations that you would like to have access to this Theme.  In other words, Check the box next to a specific school to grant access or leave all the checkboxes unchecked if you wish no schools to have access.




Note: You cannot take away the use of a theme that is already in use. You will not interfere with an existing class by taking away access to Themes.


In addition to the Themes you can create, PowerSchool Learning offers a collection of Themes that you can opt to make available to your staff.
To turn on access to PowerSchool Learning Themes for your teachers:
  1. Sign in with an Admin account
  2. In the Domain Control click on the Themes tab
  3. Click on the button marked with the Gear Icon (Settings).



4. Select Allow use of PowerSchool Learning Themes.



Tip: You can copy a PowerSchool Learning Theme to your school Themes if you only wish to offer specific PowerSchool Learning Themes to your teachers.  Use the Copy option on each PowerSchool Learning Theme menu to copy it to your School Themes menu.
*Domain Administrators can only control Themes available to their organizations. 


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