Does PowerSchool Learning Throttle Bandwidth To Our Domain?

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Q: Does PowerSchool Learning throttle bandwidth to our domain?


A: No, PowerSchool Learning does not throttle bandwidth to any domain.


If you are experiencing slowness, it may be one of the following things:


a) your content filter may be mis-diagnosing PowerSchool Learning as a peer to peer network.


b) if the slowness is in one of your wireless labs, it could be that you are overwhelming the capacity of your wireless access point for that lab.


Additionally, whitelisting the following URLs and IP addresses in your content filter often noticeably improves PowerSchool Learning's performance:


  • * - This is the main PowerSchool Learning URL; for custom domains, some shared content will still use this URL. (Some shared content and back-end tools use this URL).
  • - Our Amazon cloud servers store static files like uploaded images.
  •,, & These IP addresses are for our CloudFlare anti-DDoS and CDN services.


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