Can I Use A Custom Domain Name Instead Of Haikulearning.Com?

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Q: Can I use a custom domain name instead of


A: Yes! School and District Edition customers can use a custom domain name, though an additional setup fee is required.

Individual teacher accounts are not able to use custom domain names.


Setting Up a Custom Domain


  1. Purchase the domain name you would like to use - for example,
  2. Contact your Account Executive or your School Advisor and say that you would like to set up a custom domain name.
  3. Your Account Executive will confirm the setup costs.
  4. Your School Advisor will guide you through the setup process.

Technical Limitations


Because PowerSchool Learning is a hosted application, it is not possible to use a sub-directory of an existing hostname for PowerSchool Learning (e.g. will not work). PowerSchool Learning must be assigned its own, unique hostname.