Q. What are Standards-Based Grades?

A. Standards-Based Grades are specific scores and feedback reflecting how much you currently know about a concept.Standards-based grades help you see which concepts you've mastered and which concepts you need focus on.  

While traditional grades give you one summary grade for an entire assignment or test, or even the entire class, standards-based grades give you specific feedback about what the teacher thinks you understand.  With this more detailed information, you can see your successes and you know what to what to work on.

Let's take a look.


In this view, you can see every learning goal, or standard, your teacher will be focusing on this year.  At the beginning of the year, you might not have many scores yet, or some scores might be low.  This does not necessarily mean you are doing poorly. When you are new to a concept, it makes sense that your understanding of it is weak. As the year progresses, you will have more opportunities to practice with, and demonstrate your understanding of, these concepts.

To learn more about a concept, click on it's bar in the graph. A detail panel will slide out to show you the description of that standard as well as any scores your've received related to that concept.

Remember: a score represents your teacher's best guess at what you understand given your performance on a given activity or assignment. It does NOT represent neatness, timeliness, or completion. If you think you know more than the score suggests, please talk to your teacher.

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