What Standards should I use for my class?


. What Standards should I use for my class?

A. What Standards you should use will depend on how your school is using Standards-Based Grading.

If your domain administrators are creating Standards for your school, you should contact your domain administrators for instructions on which Standards are meant to be used in your class. You can do this by signing in to PowerSchool Learning and going to Help > Contact Your Organization.

If you are using an Independent Teacher account, or if teachers at your school are allowed to create and edit Personal Standards, then you may be responsible for defining some or all of your Standards. This SBG Class Planner can help you define the learning goals for your class.

Note that if you are new to Standards-Based Grading, we recommend checking out our Intro to Standards-Based Grading before you start planning how to use the Standards-Based Gradebook in your class.