Q: How do I view a Standards-Based Progress Report that a teacher has created?

A: If you are a student or parent, and would like to access a Progress Report for a Standards-Based Gradebook, you can do so through the Reports area, under the Assess tab of your class.

Viewing Standards-Based Progress Reports

1. In a class, go to Grades > Reports to see a list of all reports that have been published for the class.



2. Here you can see Progress Reports from all gradebooks in the class. If you are a parent with multiple students in the class you can use the Show reports for menu to choose between different students.



3. Click on the title of a Standards-Based Progress Report to open it.


4. The information contained in the report can vary, depending on what the teacher has chosen to include, but most reports will include at least one of the following areas:

Overall Grade

If included, this area will list all published Overall Grades for the Standards-Based Gradebook, in each Grading Period or across All Standards and Dates. Each of these Overall Grades can be published or unpublished by the teacher of the course, so some grades may not be listed.



Mastery Scale

This area shows the grading scale your class is using to score Standards. In the example below, the school is using a scale of 0.0 - 4.0 , with four Mastery Levels at 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. The scale also shows what color will be displayed for different scores and mastery levels.



Standard Mastery

This area gives a standard-by-standard summary of the student's scores for the report. The teacher may choose to include all the grades or measurements given under that standard here, as shown below, or a breakdown of all assessments associated with each standard may not be included.



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