Q. How do I map my Standards-Based Grades to an Overall Grade in my class?

A. You can set up a Overall Grade through the Manage Gradebook menu in your Standards-Based Gradebook

Setting an Overall Grade Calculation

  1. Go to your Standards-Based Gradebook. Click on Manage Gradebook > Configure Overall Grades.


  2. The system will walk you through the rest!  The different options are explained below.

Overall Grade Options


Do Not Map To An Overall Grade

No Overall Grade will be calculated. The only data students and parents will be able to see are standard scores. You will not see a Overall Grade column in your gradebook.

Average the scores across all standards to calculate a Overall Grade

This option will take the calculated mastery level for each standard and average them. The average will show up in the Overall Grade column next to the student's name.

Use the percentage of standards at the green level to calculate the Overall score

This option displays the percentage of standards currently in the green level of the scale. This is a way to use the percentage of mastered standards as the Overall Grade. You can choose to display this percentage, map the percentage to a grade notation, or show both.  

Blank Scores Should be counted as zero or ignored

When you map to a overall grade, you can choose whether standards that have not yet been assessed should be counted as zero or ignored. If you want the Overall Grade to reflect how much of the total content for the year students have mastered, you should count blank standards as zero. If you want the Overall Grade to reflect how well the students are doing in the items they have attempted so far, you may want to ignore blanks.

What will Students See?

Within the Standards-Based Gradebook, students will only see what you have published. You can choose to publish just the Gradebook, or publish the Gradebook and the Overall Grade. You cannot publish the Final Grade without the context of the overall Gradebook.

  • To publish the Gradebook, select the radio tower icon next to Standards-Based Grades. If the icon is orange, your Gradebook is published and visible to students!


  • To publish the Overall Grade, click the radio tower icon next in the Overall Grade Column

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