A: Grading assignments using SBG is easy in the Dropbox Annotator using the Grade Standards flyout panel!


Please note: The Assignment Annotator is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.


Select any submitted file to download or open the Moxtra Annotator. If the file is supported by Moxtra, you will be able to annotate the file within PowerSchool Learning, or download the file as you wish. Once you are done Annotating the assignment, you can assign mastery level grades for any standards associated with the Assignment.


Open the assignment you would like to Annotate and Grade 


1. Click on the Grade button.




2. A pop-up will appear where you can enter a Traditional Grade (if applicable), or hit Grade Standards to open a grading panel for Standards-Based Grades. 

3. The grades will automatically update in your Standards-Based Gradebook, making this method of grading, quick and easy!

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