Q: I want to create my own Scale for my SBG gradebooks. How do I get started?

A: If you're using Standards-based Gradebooks in your classes, and you've been given the option to manage your own scales, you can create a new Scale, or edit an existing one, in the My Settings > SBG Scales area.

To get started, go to My Settings, under your account menu


Then, choose SBG Scales. Here, you'll see all your previously created Scales. Choose the Manage Scale menu for an existing scale to EditCopy, or Delete it. Choose Add Scale to start creating a new Scale.


In the first step of editing or creating your scale, you can name the scale, choose the Maximum and Minimum scores, and choose how to display calculated scores.2016-10-20_15_04_53-000353.jpg

Next, you can add or remove mastery levels. Mastery levels are notations that represent a score range that a student has reached in each Standard. Mouse over the left side of a mastery level to drag and drop it around in the order.


In the third step, you can set the minimum score needed for a student to receive each mastery level. For example, in the scale shown in the screenshot below, a student with a score of 2.2 in a particular standard would be considered "Developing," while a student with a score of 4.2 would have "Mastered" the standard.


In the last step, you can set the color ranges for the scale.

Note: Remember that if you are calculating Overall Grades in your gradebook using the percentage of standards at the green level, scores in the green range are considered to be "Mastered," regardless of the mastery levels that you have set for your scale.


Finally, choose Save to save this grading scale.

To change the scale that is used in your SBG gradebook, go to the gradebook in your class, then choose Manage Gradebook > Update Mastery Settings. Here, you can choose from the Scale drop down to change which scale is used in the class.

For more information on using SBG in your class, see our PowerSchool Learning: SBG How-To Guide for Teachers.