Q: How do I create and distribute Standards-Based Progress Report?

A: You can create Progress Reports in any class through the Progress Reports area of the Reports tab.

The Standards-Based Progress Report tool is a great way to review students' progress and share this information with them and their parents. Progress Reports can be created and then published when you are ready to share them with the students in your class. Students and Parents in the roster can then be notified of the available Progress Reports using the Email Roster feature. 


Creating, Viewing and publishing Progress Reports

1. To create a Standards-Based Progress Report, click on the Grades tab, then open the Reports tab. Select Progress Reports.

2. Next, select New Report


3. Indicate which type of Standards-Based Progress Report you'd like to create. Click Next.

  • Full Report - Includes all terms and grading periods in your Gradebook
  • Term Report - Includes all grading periods within one term
  • Grading Period Report - Includes scores for a particular grading period


4. Select a layout for your Report. Here, you'll also have the opportunity to customize the content of your Report. When you're finished, click Next.


5. Next, you can keep the default Report Name or input your own Name. Then indicate how you'd like to display the names of your students:

  • Name - Full name of student as entered in PowerSchool Learning
  • Name & Student ID - Full name plus Student ID
  • Student ID - Only the student ID will be on report

Note: Student ID corresponds to the display ID imported by your school or district. If your school has not imported a value for this field, this data may not be available. 

Then you can add Intro Text and Closing Comments to your Report. Select Finish.


6. Your completed Report will be stored under the Drafts tab. To publish your Report, select Publish to the right of the Report. 


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