How do I create a Standards-Based Gradebook for my class?


  1. How do I create a Standards-Based Gradebook for my class? 
  2. As a Teacher, you can create a Standards-Based Gradebook for your class, through the Gradebooksarea of the Grades tab by creating a new Gradebook and electing to Use Standards-Based Grading.  We'll show you how to get started!

Adding a Standards-Based Gradebook

A Standards-Based Gradebook allows you to score students based on their mastery of specific skills and concepts.  In order to effectively use SBG, you will need to identify the key learning goals (or standards) that students will be working toward in your class. (Link to article about standards)

If Standards-Based Grading has been enabled for your domain, you can add a Standards-Based Gradebook to your class.

  1. Click on the Grades tab.
  2. Select Gradebooks from the options listed.
  3. Then choose Add Gradebook. Grades_Gradebooks_add_Gradebook.png
  4. Select Use Standards-Based Grading.  Please note: If SBG has not been enabled for your domain or organization, you will not see this option. If SBG has been enabled, but is not appearing, you can enable it through the Manage Class > Class Settings >Features area by selecting Add next to Standards-Based Gradebook.Use_Standards_Based_Grading.png
  5. Choose a Mastery Level Calculation method and a Scale. Your Organization may have a Scale they'd like you to use, or, if your Organization Settings allow, you may be able to create your own Scale!
  6. Ready to go!  The gradebook will automatically be populated with the students in your Roster and the Standards you have chosen to assess in this class.

 Note: You can only have one Standards-Based gradebook per class.

New to Standards-Based Grading? Check out our Introduction to Standards-Based Grading and our Standards-Based Grading FAQ!

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