Q: How can I edit a Standard associated with my PowerSchool Learning account, and what happens when I do?

A: Teachers can edit any standard associated with their account through the Standards area of any class.  Editing a standard will apply to all existing Assessments and all Classes using that specific standard.  

Editing a Standard

To edit any standard available to your account, navigate to the Standards area of any Manage Class drop-down menu.  


Any standards associated with the class you are viewing will be available in this area.  You can add new Standards through the "Select Standards" button.  Select "Edit" next to a standard to adjust the Standard Name, Description, and any other information you have access to edit.  


A Few Words of Caution

The act of editing a Standard Name, Description, or any other information will immediately adjust this information for all Assessments in all Classes associated with this standard.  While this is a great way to adjust phrasing or fix typos, it can change the nature of the learning goals associated with the standard.  These changes cannot be undone and may mean that assessments previously associated with the standard are less relevant to your new information. 

And remember, editing a standard in one class changes it Everywhere it has been used!  Sometimes, you may just want to make a new standard instead.