Q. How can I associated Standards with Assignments, Assessments, and other gradable items in my class? 

A. It's simple!  If Standards-Based Grading has been enabled for your school, you can associate standards in your class to Assignments, Assessments, Discussions, WikiProjects, Activities and any other gradable item through the Edit menus of those features.   

Adding Related Standards to your "Assignment" 

You can associate any Personal or Domain Standard that you have added to your class with a gradable item - for example, an Assignment - through the assignment's Edit menu. In this case, you can go to the Assignments area of the Activities tab, then select the small pencil Edit button for more options.

Next, start typing within the Related Standards box to search standards associated with this class. Select any listed Standard, or highlight and hit Enter to add it to this Assignment.  Keep typing and selecting standards to add more!  

Tip: Don't remember the names of your standards? Just click in the Related Standards field and only the standards you use in this class will show up in the list. Just keep clicking in the text field and selecting the appropriate standards.

Select Save to save your new standards, and you should be all set. Anywhere that you can Edit your Assignment, you should be able to add, remove and adjust the Standards assigned to it.  

New to Standards-Based Grading? Check out our Introduction to Standards-Based Grading and our Standards-Based Grading FAQ!