What do I need to know if I am using the Veracross Integration?


 What do I need to know if I am using the Veracross Integration?



The integration uses v2 of the Veracross API. When using plug and play integration with the Veracross School Information Management System, PowerSchool Learning has to make some assumptions about how your data is stored and how it should be imported.  Below you can find details based on each type of information coming from Veracross in the Mapping section.




Import Frequency: Imports are automated to happen three times a day.


Organizations are currently not imported from Veracross. However, you can manually update Organizations for classes and users and that information will not be overwritten when the next Veracross import runs.




PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
external_id user -> person_pk
first_name user -> first_name
middle_init user -> middle_name
last_name user -> last_name
suffix user -> name_suffix
nickname user -> nick_first_name
login user -> username
email user -> email_1 (for teachers user -> forgot_password_email)
user_type ‘T’, 'S' or ‘P’
enabled "1" (always enabled)
display_id "
google_email_address Checks that the email listed in email is a part of the list of Google domains and if it is lists it here


Once a user is set to use Google Apps SSO authentication they can only be removed manually. If they are not automatically set to this authentication via the import, the user can be set manually and following imports will not change this authentication type. Parents can be ignored, so if parents are not coming over and they are included in SIS then have an integrations advisor check your import settings.


PowerSchool Learning imports all Faculty and Staff from Veracross by receiving a document called "facstaff.xml".


Users Custom


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
external_id user -> person_pk
custom_field_1 user -> homeroom_teacher_name


Users Levels (Student)


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
user_id user -> person_pk
level_id user -> current_grade/school_level


Users Levels (Teacher)


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
user_id user -> person_pk
level_id user -> school_level




Veracross class status flag: Classes that are flagged with a status of Active are imported to PowerSchool Learning assuming that the condition below with regards to the Portal Schedule is met. Classes that have a status of Future will not be imported. Class enrollment data is not available via API. There is a flag (per grade level) in Veracross called Display Schedules or Enable Portal Schedule - if this is unchecked, then (per Veracross), roster data will not come over. In Veracross, you can navigate to Systems Page -> Grade Levels -> (Under General Configuration in the middle) Enable Portal Schedule and then check the appropriate years to make sure your classes will come over. Roster entries will be sent to PowerSchool Learning for a class marked as Active orCompleted. In the case of a class with a status of Completed the class will not be imported but the roster entry will be included. The following fields in Veracross classes map to PowerSchool Learning classes.


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
external_id eclass -> class_pk
name eclass -> course/subject or course/course (pick one or the other)
shortname eclass -> subject/subject or course/course (pick one or the other)
description eclass -> description
code eclass -> class_id
year eclass -> school_year
teacher_id eclass -> teacher_fk
organization_id section Not imported from Veracross

Each domain gets to choose which Veracross field to use as the class “name”. Whichever Veracross field they use for the “name”, the other Veracross field will be used for the “shortname”. (e.g. if name = eclass -> course then shortname = eclass -> subject).


Roster (Student)


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
eclass_id roster -> class_fk
user_id roster -> student_fk
role "S"


Roster (Co-Teacher)


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
eclass_id roster -> class_pk
user_id coteacher -> teacher_fk
role "T"


Parent Child


PowerSchool Learning Values Veracross
parent_id user -> person_pk
child_id user -> parent_#_fk (where # is 1-4)


Primary Teachers

PowerSchool Learning looks for each class to have one teacher in the role of primary teacher. That teacher will be assigned ownership of the class. If the class does not have a primary teacher it will not be imported. If there is more than one teacher listed as primary teacher PowerSchool Learning will assign one of the teachers as owner and note that this has happened in the import log.

Additional Teachers

Veracross teachers with the "additional teacher" role are added to their PowerSchool Learning class as a co-teacher.



Single Sign On (SSO)

Districts can opt to use Veracross to authenticate users. Accounts would use the same password as the one in Veracross. In order to set this up, simply reach out to PowerSchool Support with your Veracross host and the integration password provided by Veracross and we can walk you through the set up process. 
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