PowerSchool Learning Grade Export Resources for Aeries SIS

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 What is the best way for me to get grades from PowerSchool Learning into my Aeries database?




With the help of Saddleback Valley Unified School District, a process has been developed by which you can automate the pull of PowerSchool Learning's Aeries grade export (domain-wide export of scores from your PowerSchool Learning domain, placed into an SFTP account), pull scores into your Haiku2Aeries database (which you will set up), and have your teachers then import scores into their gradebooks.


Below are the steps to do so to the best of our knowledge.

Please note: this solution was developed by Eagle Software (Aeries) and Saddleback Valley Unified School District to provide a solution for getting scores back into Aeries. Although we make an attempt to help customers through this process, we have no way of adjusting the solution.


Initial Setup

Please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning, to set up an Aeries export script on your domain. This script will send domain-wide gradebook scores to an SFTP account, from which you can access the files. The mappings (fields that are pulled) for these files can be found below.


Ensure that Users and Classes in your domain have import_id's. Only Grades related to Users and Classes with import_id's in PowerSchool Learning will be exported. If you have any questions or concerns about adding import_id's to your Users or Classes in PowerSchool Learning, feel free to contact us.


File Mappings



The following CSV files will be exported daily from PowerSchool Learning to a recipient domain on an SFTP1 account. These files are zipped together for delivery.




gradebook name (class name - gradebook name)

user_id (owner of gradebook)










user_id (student)













Aeries Administrative Setup - Creating Your UDL Package


1. Create the Haiku2Aeries database using the Haiku2Aeries script package (attached).

2. Before creating the Haiku2aeries database, you will need to make a few modifications to the Haiku2Aeries.dtsx file for directories/paths/servers/etc. according to your settings. For example, modify the paths within the haiku2aeries.sql file (which initially creates the database) to reflect your own server information, as seen in the screenshot below.



3. Setup the UDL using the ABI Options Setup screen to point to the Haiku2Aeries database. The name of the UDL must be 'PowerSchool Learning.udl'. Add the server name and be sure to click the 'Test Connection' button to verify access.


4. The UDL should be copied to the ABI servers. UDL files should have already been created. Place the PowerSchool Learning.udl file with the rest of the Aeries UDL files.

5. Run the Haiku2Aeries script package to load the data into the Haiku2Aeries database.

6. Now that grades from PowerSchool Learning are loaded into your Aeries database, your teachers will need to follow the steps below to bring the grades into their gradebooks for each assignment.


Aeries Setup - For Teachers


1. Create the Assignment, Assessment, or other gradable item in PowerSchool Learning.

2. Create a matching Assignment/Assessment/gradable item in your Aeries gradebook. Note: Be sure to make the name exactly the same and enter the Max Points in Aeries (only raw scores are exported out of PowerSchool Learning).

3. Click on PowerSchool Learning Import in the left navigation bar.




4. Select the PowerSchool Learning Gradebook that you wish to import from, and click Next.



5. Select the Aeries gradebook assignment that you wish to import to and select Next.

6. Select the PowerSchool Learning Assignment that you wish to import from and click Next.


7. You will see a preview of the grades to be imported next to the student ID number.



8. On the far right, choose which students' grade to import by checking or unchecking the Import?box. (All scores are checked by default)

9. Select Import Assignment Scores, and then click OK.

10. You should see Import Successful in the Status column.


Please note:


  • Student ID numbers must match in both gradebooks.
  • Teacher ID numbers must be entered in both Aeries and PowerSchool Learning (this should be automatic).
  • The grades in the PowerSchool Learning gradebook at uploaded nightly, so you won't be able to import an assignment into Aeries until the day after it is completed in PowerSchool Learning.
  • If you have multiple sections in your PowerSchool Learning class and a separate gradebook in Aeries for each section, you will have to repeat this process for each section.