How do I export grades from PowerSchool Learning for Senior Systems?


 How do I export grades from PowerSchool Learning for Senior Systems?



If you are importing your data into PowerSchool Learning from Senior Systems you can also export Grading Period subtotals for your students for import back into Senior Systems.

To access the tool in PowerSchool Learning, Log in with an admin account and select Senior Systems Grades under the Reports tab in the domain control.




To generate a report, you will need to choose the School Year, Class Schedule, and Grading period for which you want to export grades. Make your selections and click the Generate Export button.




This will create a CSV file that can be imported into Senior Systems Registrar System containing all of the published grades for the chosen Grading Period. You can optionally choose to include unpublished grades in cases where a published grade does not exist. The grades in the file will need to be mapped to the correct fields during the import process.


This export will only include grade data for students and classes that were imported from Senior Systems. Other manually created classes, users, or rosters in PowerSchool Learning will not be included because they will not have correlating data in Senior Systems.


Grade Export Fields
Student Last Name
Student First Name
Student_ID (User Custom Field 1)
Grade (percentage)


Senior Systems can import both letter and number grades however PowerSchool Learning currently only exports numbers (percentages). To be able to import number grades, ensure Type is set to Number within Grade Entry tab (Administration Maintenance > Registrar > Grade Entry tab). If the Type is set to Letter then a letter grade is expected.



Setup Recommendation

While it is not required, it is highly recommended that you do not allow teachers to define class schedules. (Domain Settings :: Classes) Grades for Senior Systems can only be exported one Schedule / Grading Period at a time, so teacher created schedules will each need to exported individually. You can find information on setting up class schedules for your whole domain here:


How do I create a Class Schedule for my domain?

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