How do I enable the PowerTeacher grade return for my School/District?


 How do I enable the PowerTeacher grade return for my School/District?



As a domain admin, you can enable the PowerTeacher grade return by enabling the PowerTeacher Gradebook Integration.


Make sure that your PowerSchool SIS & Learning modules are integrated before moving on to any other steps. If you have any questions about this or if this has already been done, please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning.


In order to enable the Gradebook Integration, head over to Domain Control, select the Manage Domain gear and choose Grade Push Config



In the Grade Push Config area, enable the integration for any Organizations that will be using the grade return feature.


PowerSchool_Learning_Domain_Control_Center (1).png


When you enable the integration for an Organization, this automatically configured classes to return grades to PowerTeacher for:


  • Any classes that have Import IDs.
  • Any classes with Linked Roster Sections that have Import IDs.

Adding this functionality to a class does not affect any existing Gradebooks, though it does prevent the creation of any new Gradebooks.


Note that manual classes without imported Linked Roster Sections don't support this feature, as these classes don't have an Import ID that can be used to connect them to a class in PowerSchool SIS.


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