How do I configure Senior Systems Plug-and-Play Integration for my PowerSchool Learning domain?


 How do I configure Senior Systems Plug-and-Play Integration for my PowerSchool Learning domain?




If you would like to automatically sync data from Senior Systems to PowerSchool Learning, you will first need to purchase and install the Senior Systems Web Module. Once you have done that, follow the steps below to configure your Plug-and-Play Integration.


  1. Setup a username and password in Senior Systems > Systems Administration > MyBackpack User Maintenance that has access to the Web Services area in MyBackpack for PowerSchool Learning.
  2. Email the following information to and indicate that you would like to set up Senior Systems integration: 
  3. Configure your network and firewall to allow access on port 444 from

Once you have done this the PowerSchool team will finish configuring the application, run a full import, and set the sync running. (The sync runs three times a day: 4:14 AM, 12:14 PM, and 8:14 PM EST.) We will also let you know as soon as your Plug-and-Play integration is complete.

Configuring Additional Settings

Domain Administrators can configure additional Senior Systems plug-and-play settings at any time through the Sr. Systems Config area of the Manage Domain drop-down menu. 

Sr. Systems Config.png

From this menu, you can choose to Ignore Parents and/or Usernames from Senior Systems, as well as select temporary default passwords for accounts that will be created at the time of import, based on role. 



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