Q: I'm trying to access an LTI activity, but it says "This LTI Tool is not available." Why?


A: If you are seeing this message, the LTI Tool or Activity-type you are trying to access has either been Disabled by a Domain Administrator for your school, or removed from your domain.


Administrators can re-enable an LTI Tool through the Applications area of the Domain Control by navigating to the LTI Tools tab and selecting Manage Tool, then Enable on the drop-down menu provided.


2016-09-27 10_38_08-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


If you believe you should have access to an Activity-type, please contact the Domain Administrator at your school or organization. For more information on adding an LTI Tool to your PowerSchool Learning domain, check out our article What is an LTI Tool, and how can I add one to my domain?