If you've created course content in Adobe Captivate, you can easily make it part of your PowerSchool Learning class by exporting it as SCORM content.


In the process of publishing in Captivate, the information you enter and the options you have depend on the type of activity and the requirements in your course. Regardless, look for these settings and change the values accordingly:


  1. In Output Options, select the Zip Files checkbox.
  2. In the Project Information area, click the Preferences button.
  3. Set the standard to SCORM.
  4. Configure other settings based on your course needs.
  5. Finish the publication process, which will create a zip file.


To upload your SCORM Activity to your class, navigate to the page where you want to display the Captivate content and:


  1. Click the Add Content Block button
  2. In the small window that opens, click the Messages & Activities tab, then select LTI & SCORM2016-09-22 13_21_49-000151.jpg
  3. You can then choose to add a SCORM Activity
    2016-09-22 13_22_41-000152.jpg
  4. Next, you will have an opportunity to upload a file. This is where you can upload your SCORM file. 

     2016-09-22 13_23_13-000153.jpg


Select Choose File to open your file browsing tool, or drag your file from your desktop right onto the Choose File button.