Q: How do I view the results of an LTI or SCORM activity that my Students completed?


A: You can view Students' results for any SCORM or LTI Activity in a couple of ways.


Locate the Activity on a Page, open the SCORM item or, select the Manage Block gear icon, and View Results. 


Manage Block View Results.png


You can also access LTI or SCORM Results by going to Activities > LTI & SCORM. Next to each activity, you'll see a Manage Activity button. Click this and select View Results or Grade Activity to open the Results area of the activity. 


Manage Activity Grade Activity.png


When viewing the Results of a SCORM Activity, you can see more details on each Student's attempt and enter a Grade for the Student by clicking their name. You can also see the the Milestones reached by each Student by clicking on their Progress.


SCORM Example.png


Some LTI Activities support grades being passed into your class from an external LTI Tool.  You can view those scores through the Grade Activity area, under the Percent Earned (External) column.

 LTI Example.png