Q: How can I add an LTI or other activity to my PowerSchool Learning Class?


A: You can add LTI, SCORM and other Activities through the LTI & SCORM area of the Activities tab.


Please note: At this time, LTI & SCORM Activities are only available to our School & District Edition domains.


The LTI & SCORM area can be accessed in a few different ways:


A) From inside any class, click on Add Content Block.


2016-09-27 09_14_54-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10 _ Getting Started_ English 10.png


From the Messages & Activities tab select LTI & SCORM.






B) From the Activities tab dropdown, select LTI & SCORM.


2016-09-27 09_18_53-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10 _ Getting Started_ English 10.png


In the LTI & SCORM area click on Add Activity.


2016-09-27 09_21_28-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10.png


Whichever path you take to add an Activity, the next steps are the same.


  1. Select the type of Activity you would like to add. Note: If you don't see the type of Activity you are looking for here, please contact a Domain Administrator at your school or organization.

    2016-09-27 09_22_00-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10.png
  2. In this example, Hoot.me was selected. On the next screen, give your Activity a title and add any details. Then, click on Save & Configure.

  3. The Activity Tool you selected will then be opened. Once you have created your Activity, click on Publish. If you are not ready to make this Activity available in the class, you can just click Close and the Activity will be saved as a Draft (see below for more details on Draft Activities).

  4. Next, select when you want this Activity to be published. If you have not set up a Gradebook, you will see the option to do so here. If your Gradebook is already in place you will see the option to Create a Gradebook Entry. There is more information about creating a Gradebook HERE. Choose on which Page you want this Activity to appear and click Finish.

    2016-09-27 10_29_00-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10.png
  5. Your Activity will now appear both on the list of Activities under the Activities tab in the LTI & SCORM section (on either the Draft or Published tab), and on the Page you selected.

  6. You can edit Activity Settings, Publish or Unpublish, and Delete from the Manage Activity dropdown.

    2016-09-27 10_31_26-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10.png


For more information about Activities, Tools and Apps check out our article on different types of Activities. Don't see many Activity options available? Let your school know how to add your favorite Apps to your PowerSchool Learning Domain.