When I use Save Class As to copy my class, will Rubrics be included?


 When I use Save Class As to copy my class, will Rubrics be included? 



Yes! When you use the Save Class As option to copy your class, you can also bring along any Rubrics you have created by including Gradebooks, Gradebook Entries, and any Assignments, WikiProjects and Discussions associated with those Rubrics.


Saving a New Copy of a Class


When you are ready to Save a new copy of your Class, go to Manage Class > Save Class As and select New Class. You will see a list of items to include in the new Class.


  • Be sure to check Assignments, Discussions, WikiProjects, if you used Rubrics with those items.
  • Additionally, since Rubrics are included as part of Gradebook Entries, check Gradebooks > Gradebook Entries as well.
  • Of course, you can also check any other item you would like to copy to the new Class.






In the new Class, you will see the attached Rubrics in the details of your Assignments, Discussions, and WikiProjects.




When viewing your Rubrics under your Avatar > My Rubrics, you will also see the new Class listed under the In Use area.







Co-Teachers can already grade with any Rubric that has been added by any teacher to a class where they are listed as a co-teacher.


When they go to Save As a Copy of that Class (under Manage Class > Save Class As) and select New Class, they will automatically get a Copy of any Rubric that was used in that class.



Those Rubrics will be listed in the My Rubrics area, handily labeled with the word Copy and the Title of the original Rubric. Teachers will be able to edit and reuse those rubrics in future classes.


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