What kinds of Rubrics can I create?


 What kinds of Rubrics can I create?



In PowerSchool Learning, you can create Points-based and Qualitative Rubrics.


To create a new Rubric, hover over your Avatar in the top-right corner of your PowerSchool Learning window and select My Rubrics.


From there, select Add a Rubric to get started. Then, choose between the two types of Rubrics: Points-based and Qualitative.




Points-based Rubrics


A Points-based Rubric is the most common type of rubric. This rubric is best if you would like to assign points to your rubric and have those points translate into a grade in the gradebook.


With a Points-based rubric, teachers will see an option to add multiple Criteria, define Levels, assign points to those levels, and even Weight the criteria.


Here is a sample Points-based rubric with points assigned to each level and weighted criteria.



When teachers attach this rubric to a gradable item, the points will scale based on the number of points assigned to that activity. For example, if you are using a 10-point scale on a 100-point Assignment, a score of 9 will equal 90%.


Qualitative Rubrics


A Qualitative Rubric looks similar to a Points-based rubric, with one main difference: this type of rubric does not have numeric scoring. A Qualitative Rubric is best for evaluation where the feedback does not translate into a grade.


For example, if a teacher wants to share feedback on an assignment, but not have that evaluation calculate into a grade, she may want to create a Qualitative Rubric.



Please note: It is possible in PowerSchool Learning to attach more than one rubric to a gradable item (even rubrics of different types for one item!), as long as only one Points-based rubric is used at a time.


Just getting started with Rubrics? Find out how to create a Rubric, complete with different levels, weights and criteria!


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