How do I share my Rubric with another Teacher?


Q: How do I share a Rubric in My Rubrics area with another Teacher?

A: You can share your Rubrics with other Teachers by using our Share Rubric option, under the Manage Rubric menu.


How to Share Rubrics

Using the Share Rubric option, you can send a copy of a Rubric to another teacher in your PowerSchool Learning domain. To access the Share option, go to the My Account menu under your Avatar and select My Rubrics.


From there, choose the Rubric you would like to share and select Manage Rubric. You will see an option to Share Rubric.


There are two ways to share your Rubric. You can copy a direct link to share anywhere with others. Or, you can send the share invitation directly to another user via email. Simply enter the username or email address of the teacher you would like to share with, jot down a message if you'd like, and click Send Invite.



You will see a message that your Rubric invitation has been sent.



How to find a Rubric that has been Shared with you

Rubrics that have been shared with you can be found in the My Rubrics area, under the Draft tab. You will see Shared by next to the Rubric to indicate the user who shared the item.



How to Unshare a Rubric
If you no longer want your Rubric shared, you can unshare your Rubric via the Manage Rubric > Share Settings menu. From there, click on the Unshare button.
When you unshare a Rubric, the Rubric sharing link will no longer be valid, so if you've given out this link, it will no longer work. However, please note that unsharing does not affect any Rubrics that your colleagues already accepted prior to unsharing the Rubric. Once a Rubric is copied to another person's account, there is no way to revoke it. Please share with care!


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