How do I grade using a Rubric in my class?


 How do I grade using a Rubric in PowerSchool Learning?



Grading using a Rubric is easy! Just click the Grade Button and choose the Rubric to enter marks and comments.


Get started by selecting the Grade button when viewing an Assignment, Discussion or any other item in PowerSchool Learning that can be graded. Rubrics that have been attached to the Assignment or Discussion will be displayed next to the Grade Entry field.




Select the Rubric to open the Rubric Sidebar.


Quick-tip: If you want to view the Rubric in Full-Screen, click on the expand button 




While on the Marks tab, choose the values that best suit the student's performance for each Criteria.


You will see their total score for all Criteria displayed at the bottom of the Rubric.




Give specific feedback for each Criterium on the Comments tab. The point values and descriptions associated with Criteria will be displayed above your comments.




Now that you've completed the Rubric, select the Close button and make sure to enter the resulting Grade into the Grade Entry field to populate your Gradebook!


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