How do I create Rubrics in PowerSchool Learning?


How do I create a Rubric in PowerSchool Learning?



Access the Rubrics tool through your My Rubrics area to create Points-based and Qualitative Rubrics.


To navigate to your Rubrics area, hover over your avatar in the top-right corner of your PowerSchool Learning window. From the menu that appears, select My Rubrics.




This will take you to your Rubrics area, where you will see all of the Rubrics that you've created, organized into Active and Draft tabs.


You may not have any Rubrics yet, but no worries--we'll walk you through how to make one!




To create a new Rubric, simply click the Add a Rubric button. In the pop-up, you'll be asked to choose what type of Rubric you'd like to create--Points-based or Qualitative. Select whichever you'd like, then Continue.




Fill out the details for your Rubric--you'll need to give it at least a title, but can also add Grade Level/Subject and a description, as desired. When you're ready, click Continue.


Now you'll see the area where you'll edit the contents of the Rubric. You can view more information about the Rubric by clicking Details.


Use the Add a Criterion and Add a Level buttons to add additional Criteria and Levels to your Rubric. Edit Criteria titles and descriptions by clicking them and typing new text. You can do the same for Level titles--just click the placeholder text to edit!


Enter Level descriptions by clicking in each cell to reveal a text box.




You'll also need to give each Level a point value, depending on the type of Rubric you're creating (if you're working with a Qualitative Rubric you won't use point values!). Just click that little number you see in the Level header cell, and you can enter the desired value.


Another option you have with Points-Based Rubrics is Weighting. Click the Edit Weights button to assign each Criterion a weight. By default, the weight will be distributed equally between the Criteria.




Once you're done setting up your Rubric, just make it Active by going to Manage Rubric > Make Active, so that you can attach it to Gradable Items in your Classes. Or, if you're not finished creating it yet, you can always come back to it later--any changes you make will be automatically saved in your Drafts area. This will let you find the Rubric in your Drafts tab later for further editing.


**Note that once you make a Rubric Active, it can no longer be edited, so make sure that you've made all the desired changes before making that Rubric Active!


Now you're ready to attach that Rubric to Gradable Items in your Classes! For instructions on how to do that, check out this article: How do I attach a Rubric to a Gradable Item?

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