How do I copy or print my Rubrics in PowerSchool Learning?


 How do I copy or print my Rubrics in PowerSchool Learning?




Use the options under the Manage Rubric drop-down menu labeled Save As and Print to make additional copies in PowerSchool Learning or as a PDF for any Rubric you own.


Save As Rubrics


To copy any existing Rubric that you own (or to use an existing Rubric as a template for more, similar Rubrics!) select Save Rubric As through the Manage Rubric drop-down menu.



Use the Copy Rubric menu to adjust the Title and Description as needed.



Then, customize the Grade Levels & Subjects by checking the boxes next to the categorizations that fit your new rubric copy.


Hit Continue to save your new copy as a Draft.


Print Rubrics


To Print a copy of any Rubric, select Manage Rubric, then Print. This will create a PDF copy that can be saved to your computer, or printed for use in class.



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