Q: What is the difference between a Roster Section and a Group?

A: Roster Sections are discrete collections of students, while Groups are flexible collections of students across an entire PowerSchool Learning class and can span Roster Sections.


Roster Sections

Roster Sections are useful if you have more than one section of a course -- the same course with multiple but separate sets of students. With Roster Sections, you can maintain one class in PowerSchool Learning, yet also keep each Section's student set separate, allowing Section-specific due dates, assignments, etc. A student can be in only one Roster Section.

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Group Sets and Groups

Create collections of students into teams and smaller discussions with Group Sets. Group Sets contain two (2) or more Groups (collections of students). Group Sets and Groups are very flexible and allow students from different Roster Sections to be in the same Group. A student can be in more than one Group Set, but can be in only one Group per Group Set.

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Although Groups are listed in the Roster window of PowerSchool Learning, they are not exclusively related to the Roster; they're the same groups you'll find in WikiProjects and in Discussions. The Roster window is simply the place to see all groups in one place and manage (add/edit/delete) as needed.


Group Set & Group Example

A high school Political Science class of 24 students has three projects: Mock Trial, Debate, and Final Exam.

  • Mock Trial - divides students into four teams of 6:
    Prosecution, Defense, Judge, and Jury.
  • Debate - divides students into two teams of 12:
    For and Against.
  • Final Exam - divides students into six groups of 4:
    Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, and Team 6.

Since each project has a different distribution of students, the teacher will have to set up a Group Set for each project with each team as a Group. In PowerSchool Learning, the Mock Trial Group Set will have four Groups:Prosecution, Defense, Judge, and Jury. The other projects would follow the same approach, assigning the same 24 students into different Groups for each Group Set.


Can you guess how this might look if the class had the same 24 students, but with half enrolled in a morning Roster Section and the rest in an afternoon Roster Section?

If you think that the groups wouldn't change at all, you're right! Since Groups and Group Sets can contain students from multiple Roster Sections, there are no changes that need to be made in PowerSchool Learning.


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