Q: I see this yellow circle next to some of the students in my roster. When I hover over it, it says "Manually Overridden." What does that mean?

A: Manually Overridden means that that particular student would normally be controlled by import in that class, but has been manually adjusted by the teacher in some way. This adjustment the teacher has made will prevent the student from falling under import control, until or unless the teacher uses the Sync with Source tool to reset the Roster. The Sync with Source tool syncs the Roster with the most recent data import from your school. Read more about Sync with Source

Here is what this icon (yellow circle) looks like in your Roster:


Q: Why are some students not labeled as Manually Overridden, even though they were manually added to my imported class?

A: If the student was added manually, but was not controlled by import, the student does not get the Manually Overridden icon. The Manually Overridden status only applies to students that would normally be controlled by import, but the teacher has made an adjustment to their roster.